Click It Gold

Click It Gold

Click It is a free, proof-of-concept Android application that allows you to click a button to increase your Click It count.

The application consists of a single screen with a single button, Click It. Once you Click It, you must wait a variable length of time before you can Click It again. If you do not wish to wait, you may purchase a click within the application for 99 cents (or if you're rich, you can pay $99 with Click It Gold). Click It is one of the very first Android applications to support in-app billing, and was released on April 2nd, a mere 82 hours after in-app billing was introduced by Google.

Your Click It count will be increased by 1 for every Click It click, whether you wait the required time to Click It, or purchase a click. Purchased clicks will be rewarded with a link.

The goal of Click It is to accumulate a high Click It count. Your Click It count is a personal goal, and is not currently ranked against other Click It or Click It Gold users.

If the remaining time before you can Click It is less than 60 seconds, you won't be able to purchase a click.. you should be able to wait 60 seconds. :p

Click It purchases are non-refundable. Click It is provided purely for entertainment purposes.


The latest versions of Click It and Click It Gold are only available via the Android Market.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why write Click It/Click It Gold? I'm an unemployed programmer with a passion for the Android platform, and Android development. Recently, In-app Billing launched on the Android Market, so I read through the docs and decided on a simple application to test the in-app billing APIs. This application grew from a simple idea to Click It, and Click It Gold. I have plenty of ideas for Click It (global leader board, variable pricing, etc..), but I probably won't implement them. Click It and Click It Gold were developed as proof of concept applications, so please don't take them seriously.

Why can't I purchase clicks? Even though Click It is available on Android devices running Android OS 1.6 or higher, you must also have the latest version of the Android Market installed. For more information, please visit this Google Support link.

Did you attend Google I/O 2011? I had a ticket, but I sold it. Finances weren't the greatest, and I had a hard time justifying a trip to San Francisco for myself, even if this is my passion. Fingers are crossed for Google I/O 2012!


If you have any suggestions, comments, ideas, or any feedback at all, please email