fourtwentytime: Download, Version History.


fourtwentytime is a once-per-day reminder alarm for your next smoke session with a wide-range of customizable notification options. Never forget your next smoke session again!

fourtwentytime is available for free, to users running Android OS 1.6 or higher.


The latest version of fourtwentytime is available via the Android Market, or as a direct download from my website.

Please Note: In order to run and manually install Android .apk files, you will need to ensure your application settings allow installation of non-market applications. Manually installed apps do not receive notifications of updates automatically via the Android Market.

Version History

0.23 Beta; released 08/09/2011

0.22 Beta; released 08/09/2011

0.21 Beta; released 08/08/2011

0.2 Beta; released 08/05/2011


If you have any suggestions, comments, ideas, or any feedback at all, please email