SleepScreen: Screenshots, Download, FAQ, Version History.


SleepScreen allows you to turn off your device's screen, and lock it, on-demand, with the tap of a single shortcut on your Android home screen, or dock. This application is useful for any user who dislikes having to find or fumble for the hardware lock key every time they want to turn their screen off, and is very useful for owners of tablets, such as the Samsung Galaxy Tab, and the Motorola Xoom.

SleepScreen is available for 99 cents, to users running Android OS 2.2 or higher.


I've created a page with a few screenshots, but I intend to implement some sort of gallery in the future.


SleepScreen is available on the Android Market for 99 cents, to users running the Google Android OS, version 2.2 or higher. Scan the QR Code below to be taken directly to SleepScreen on the Android Market.

SleepScreen @Android Market

Frequently Asked Questions

Why develop SleepScreen? My brother purchased a Samsung Galaxy Tab the week it was released, and absolutely loves it. His only issue was fumbling for the hardware lock button on the side of the device just to turn off the display, and it usually required two hands. We searched the Android Market for a solution and couldn't find anything that did exactly what he wanted: a simple, one-touch, instant-off, non-widget shortcut on the home screen, or dock. I went home that evening and started development; Less than 1 week later, SleepScreen 0.2 was officially released.

If you are having problems uninstalling or updating SleepScreen, please remember to revoke authorization beforehand. You can do this by opening the SleepScreen application from your program launcher, and selecting the Revoke Authorization option. Unfortunately, I am unable to bypass this requirement as it is required by the Android Operating System.

If SleepScreen does not work for you, or if you are unhappy for any reason, Google gives you a twenty-four hour fifteen minute grace period to try it out and request a refund of your purchase. I encourage you to take advantage of this refund option if SleepScreen is not for you.

SleepScreen is only available to devices running the Android Operating System version 2.2 or higher. This requirement exists due to new API calls only made available with version 2.2. Unfortunately, SleepScreen isn't even viewable to Android devices running earlier versions.

Users have inquired about the similarity of SleepScreen to other applications which allow the same functionality via a home screen widget. While I do think some of those apps are well made, you cannot place a widget in your dock for quick-access. SleepScreen creates a shortcut, not a widget, on your home screen, and this shortcut can be placed in your dock for quick-access. Also, several of the similar apps require root access, and SleepScreen does not.

Version History

0.31; released 12/25/2010

0.3; released 12/10/2010

0.2; released 12/05/2010

0.1; started research 11/28/2010

future versions


If you have any suggestions, comments, ideas, or any feedback at all, please email

-Kevin (December 25th, 2010)